The Things I Think About While Running

I’ve been asked both by non-runners and runners what I think about while running. Trust me, thinking isn’t hard at all. I used to think it was impractical to recall the list of things I’ve thought about because it includes literally everything you can imagine.  Here’s a list of some of the many things I think about while running:

What a beautiful day to run

This sucks

My hips are tight. I’m stiff. I can’t feel my fingers. Why is she stomping her feet so loud?!

Well, 800 meters is two laps around a track… So the first lap doesn’t count and the second doesn’t count sooo basically, it’s like I’m not even running


God damn it. This hill is such a bitch!!

Great, my watch died

Maybe if I look depressed, Coach will change the workout 

Wow, that was fast

I’m not going to check my watch until I get to that tree

What’s for dinner?

Hey, look! Another jogger

If I were to have a heart attack, who would find my body?

Why do I run? It’s so hard

Sorry car, but I’m not moving out of the way

She totally doesn’t run.. look at her awful form. Her arms are flopping around everywhere. Who do she think she is?!

Come on, Nicolette run faster

It’s so hot out, I need water

Should I inform these walkers that I’m coming up behind them, or should I stomp my feet really loud so they know I’m trying to pass them? Ehh I won’t say anything. (Surprise)

This puddle doesn’t look that deep, so I thought… 

I’m almost home. I need to sprint the last half mile

I probably shouldn’t have eaten 15 minutes beforehand.. oh well

Mother Effer..

What do you think about while running?



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