My Halloween

Waking up this morning, I knew that this would be my last 5K of the season. How scary. Even scarier to think that today would be my second to last race of the year. How??!!!??

Throughout the season, all of us have gone through hardships. Whether it’s recovering from an injury, getting injured, or just feeling dead tired. A-10s is the race where you have to leave behind all the negativity and just run your heart out. I think we all did that today.

The Bonaventure men’s cross-country team beat VCU by 1 point, not placing last in the conference. I would say that’s an accomplishment, even if it may only be one point. When you run against fast and talented runners, it’s hard to race when no one is around you. Running alone is mentally hard, but they all persevered through it.

As for the women’s team, we ran smart. Sure maybe not everyone PR’d or raced as well as they had hoped, but we stayed relatively close to one another. We pushed each other and raced competitively. Racing against the fastest runners in our conference is scary and intimidating, especially for those first timers, but you can’t focus on that. Only focus on running to your fullest potential and you’ll be fine. I think we all did that, so no one should be disappointed.

Within the first 200 meters, I heard my best friend mumble “hey girl” to me and I basically died. As I said before, running against your best friend may be the weirdest feeling, and needless to say, it was.

For the first mile, Hunter, Hailey and I ran in a pack, and God it felt like I was in a movie or something. I don’t remember the last time that happened ESPECIALLY IN A RACE. We unintentionally formed a triangle.

triad race

When you race collegiately, you keep those memories forever. For me, today is one of them. I got to run beside my best friends in possibly the best running conditions you can ask for. I got to see Hunter—someone I haven’t seen since August, and I ended my last 5K with a PR. It can’t get much better than that.

Today is a great day to be a Bonnie.

A10s 2015

(Shout out to my parents once again for driving 10 hours to see me run for 30 seconds…. Ya’ll are awesome!!!!)


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