Rants, Running

Things that bother me

Sometimes ya just gotta let things out.  I promise you’ll feel a lot better.  Hopefully some of these things bother you just as much as they bother me.. If not, then I’m sorry you can stop reading now.

Going too fast on easy runs

Compulsively checking your GPS watch

Watching boys eat 6 plates of food and still be in shape

Waiting 10 million hours for the waiter to bring out hot bread

When the milk from the dispenser at the Hickey comes out WATERY

Green bananas

That itch you can’t scratch

People who are all up in your business (plzzzzz stop)

When all the showers are taken

When you realize the washer is broken AFTER putting your clothes in, and there’s nothing you can do about it because the door is locked

Accidentally running in the rain with freshly washed sneakers because you didn’t know it was raining, and it’s too late to go back and switch (And the whole time you’re just pissed)

Getting woken up from the garbage truck outside my dorm window

When the janitor’s phones goes off to Kim Possible’s SMS text tone (WHO ARE YOU TEXTING AT 6:30 A.M.?!?!??!)

Cheesy Instagram captions 

Tweets that read, “OMG it’s snowing!!!!” and “We all know it’s snowing, you don’t need to tweet about it.”

Being called NICOLE (And no it’s not short for Nicolette)


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