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What I learned from Denny’s class

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Well…… I’ve learned a lot.  When I say a lot, I mean I learned a shit ton, more than I expected to.  But most importantly, I learned to understand Denny’s work ethic and apply it to the real world.  After all, that’s why he teaches the way he does.

I decided to torture myself by enrolling in the second part of his news reporting class.  Anddddddd I basically cried the second I walked into his newsroom on Jan. 21.

But I’m glad I suffered through his 75-minute class twice a week.

I learned that in life, you need to be pushed far past your limits.  That’s exactly what Denny does.  He pushes every single one of his students.  He rips apart their writing.  No, he destroys their writing only because he cares.  You need people to be critical of your work or you’ll never succeed.

Some people say (a lot of people say) that going to a small school is just like high school, where you see the same people every day.  While that may be true, there are perks of going to a small school.

You aren’t treated like another face in the crowd.  You aren’t a nobody either.

Here at St. Bonaventure, professors actually take the time to know you and care about what you do outside the classroom.  The first thing Denny asks me when I go to his office is usually something running related–like how stupid I am for running when I have a strained achilles (update:  I’m healthy now!!) Or how I should rest or I’ll never improve.  The same thing applies to writing.  In order to be a successful writer, you need to work just as hard as you would if you trained for a 5K.




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