college, senior year, st bonaventure, stress

Senior year is not what I expected it to be… not even close

Going into senior year, I was really excited but also sad at the same time.  I had mixed feelings about coming back knowing that it would be my last year.  My last pre-season, my last cross-country season, my last time going to house parties and dingy bars, my last chance to register for classes and my last drive back to Bonas as a STUDENT.

They really aren’t kidding when they say college flies by, but they’re lying when they say it’s the “best four years of your life.”

I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy college because I definitely do.

But people change. People change a lot. Sometimes for the worst.

Aside from broken friendships and living with alcoholics, I’ve dealt with (and overcame) some struggles of my own.

I was once again forced out of my last XC race due to injury, I developed a slight eating problem/ self-image issues, and I became really sick with the flu and mono AT THE SAME TIME.

Since mono lasts about 53904803 years, I’ve been unable to follow my usual routine of working out every day and treating myself to shitty vodka on the weekends.

Because of this mess I was so rudely cursed with, senior year has been my worst year. And I can’t wait to walk across that stage and receive my fucking diploma!




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