Be an adult they said. It will be fun they said

Hello it’s me.  I haven’t blogged in a while, and that’s because I normally only do when something in my life drastically happens.

I graduated from college eight months ago.  Eight.  And I can’t possibly put into words how crazy that is.

When I graduated I thought, ‘Oh I’ll be fine.  I’ll get a job soon after I graduate.  I’m not worried.’  Well damn was I wrong.  It took me more than half a year to find a full-time job and it’s not exactly in the field I have a degree in (but not necessarily a bad thing either).

The process of finding one is a series of demoralizing experiences, or at least it was for me.  I spent many weeks feeling worthless.  I hated when people asked me what I did for work or if I had a job.  I felt like I was being judged because I didn’t already have one.  I was told that something will come, or I’ll find something, and that I have time… all that BS.  But I still felt like a pathetic loser.

In the end, everything worked out as part of God’s plan.  I accepted a job at a 5-Star resort in the North Country, and I moved to a town that’s home of two Olympic Winter Games.  It took me eight months, but I’ve come to realize that it was worth the wait.  I now live on my own and I’ve never felt more like an adult than I do at this very moment.

To anyone still struggling to find a job, it does get better and you will find something.





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