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What I learned from Denny’s class

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Well…… I’ve learned a lot.  When I say a lot, I mean I learned a shit ton, more than I expected to.  But most importantly, I learned to understand Denny’s work ethic and apply it to the real world.  After all, that’s why he teaches the way he does.

I decided to torture myself by enrolling in the second part of his news reporting class.  Anddddddd I basically cried the second I walked into his newsroom on Jan. 21.

But I’m glad I suffered through his 75-minute class twice a week.

I learned that in life, you need to be pushed far past your limits.  That’s exactly what Denny does.  He pushes every single one of his students.  He rips apart their writing.  No, he destroys their writing only because he cares.  You need people to be critical of your work or you’ll never succeed.

Some people say (a lot of people say) that going to a small school is just like high school, where you see the same people every day.  While that may be true, there are perks of going to a small school.

You aren’t treated like another face in the crowd.  You aren’t a nobody either.

Here at St. Bonaventure, professors actually take the time to know you and care about what you do outside the classroom.  The first thing Denny asks me when I go to his office is usually something running related–like how stupid I am for running when I have a strained achilles (update:  I’m healthy now!!) Or how I should rest or I’ll never improve.  The same thing applies to writing.  In order to be a successful writer, you need to work just as hard as you would if you trained for a 5K.



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But do I really need a break?

It’s been a week since cross-country ended and I officially feel old.  Before I know it, I’ll be racing my very last collegiate race ever.  Don’t rush it, Nicolette.

I think one of the hardest things for a runner to do is take time off from running.  Sure I complain and stay stuff like, “why do I run. I hate it,” or “someone chop off my legs.”  But in reality, I love to run, and it really sucks taking a break.

The problem I have is that i HATE taking time off.  That’s one of the reasons why I hate Sundays because it’s normally a rest day.  I sometimes (never) listen to my body when it tells me I need a break, and I realized that when I experienced and injury last winter and another in the spring.

Boy was I pissed.

Now that I’ve been healthy for three months, I just need to be smart and take care of my body.  Knowing me, I probably won’t listen and do something stupid.

…..Well, I hope not.



Cross-Country Regionals

The last hurrah ft. a 9-hour bus ride

Knowing that Friday marks my last meet of this year makes me wish time would slow down a little.

I often think about what my life would be like if Hailey had chose to go to a different school. If I went on an official recruit trip, I wonder if I would’ve ended up at Bonaventure…. Mmmm probably not. But thank God I ended up here and thank God Hailey did too.

After Hunter transferred, I didn’t know what life would be like. I was so used to having her around all the time. We were basically attached to the hip, so this year was definitely a huge adjustment for us all.

Going back to pre-season, all I could think about was how weird sophomore year would be without her. Who would I eat trail mix and peanut butter with at 2 a.m.?!?!? Who would fill the third spot on long, easy runs??!

It’s starting to sound like we’re some married couple… we’re not.  We’re just crazies who adore each other’s company.

As my season dwindles down, I’ve started thinking about how great next semester will be when we’re out of season. We won’t have to constantly stress about managing meets and practices with having a social life and going to class.

Already this year has been eventful. I don’t know where I would be or what I would do without the people I’ve become close with here. Honestly, I’m just excited to see what else this year has in store for us.

(At approximately 12:24 p.m. Friday, my sophomore cross-country season will be over…wtf)


This is it

This is it.  This is what we’ve all been training for.  This is what we drove 10 hours on a bus for.  Tomorrow is the day where all of our hard work pays off.  Tomorrow is the day where when the gun goes off, it’s every man for himself.  Not only should we focus on getting PRs, but beating every person who’s ahead of us… Every. Single. Girl.

Atlantic 10 Championships.

As my second season of collegiate cross-country comes to an end, I think about how great this season has been.  Having been through two major injuries within the last year–including one of which happened over the summer–I have made a great comeback.  Sure, I wish I was maybe a little farther along, but hey, my turn out could’ve been way worse.

Yeah, it kind of sucks not being able to celebrate Halloween with my fellow Bonnie friends, but at least I’m accomplishing something.

My best friend transferred to George Mason (also in the A-10s conference) early in the summer, and I could kill her because things just aren’t the same.  I could go on forever about how strong our bond is, but I’ll save it for another time.

For the last half hour though, we thought we were staying at the same hotel.  Nope, same hotel just different area.

I don’t know about you, but racing against your best friend is weird to think about, but even more weird to see her in a different uniform.

Here goes nothin.’


Picture taken at A-10s last year in Pittsburg, PA. GO BONNIES!!