Prepare yourself

Back in September, I received these text messages from three different people:

The other day we did 5 miles of tempo and

I literally thought about running into traffic

and getting hit by a car so I didn’t have

to keep going.

Literally I feel like I’m going to die everyday. 

We don’t do any sort of warm up, which is 

rough. I also sobbed the other day during our

hill workout–it wasn’t a fun time. I was just

running around campus crying.

Why tf do we run?

Welcome to college running!!!!

In high school, I used to dread going to practice every day, knowing that we would have a meet coming up or have a “hard” workout later.

I hated being surrounded by all of my negative teammates because I was feeding into their negativity:  hating running

Yes, I hated running in high school.

Running in college was something I never saw myself doing until my senior year.  As a senior, I was so unaware of the potential problems that might happen being a freshman Division I cross-country runner.

Feeling like a total outcast amongst all the other teammates, not feeling welcomed, adjusting to a different running system, not having my dog on my bed, etc.

Those were some of the problems I didn’t know were going to happen my first season (well, other than the fact that I wouldn’t be waking up to my dog next to me, but that’s beside the point).

I didn’t even realize the differences from high school running to college running would be so noticeable, until my first week of pre-season where I considered amputating my legs (still consider it at times).

I came from a team where we weren’t running a lot of miles, goofing off happened regularly and nobody took running seriously, with exception of a few people.

Everything from coaching, to training and to racing at a much higher level of intensity, was something I didn’t take into consideration until now.

I used to think it was shitty that my old coach had us run low mileage.  I thought because of only running 15-20 miles a week, we were at such a disadvantage when we would race against teams like Saratoga or Shenendehowa.

But after hearing about how girls I once ran against in high school no longer run in college anymore because a) they burned out b) they quit or c) they grew to hate running, I’m glad he trained us the way he did.

As you can see, college running is a lot different and more intense than high school running.  However, I find it to be much more rewarding.

If there’s one thing I learned from being on a team it’s realizing that it isn’t about being apart of a really fast team.  It’s about creating and maintaining friendships with people because at the end of the day, that’s what really matters.


This is it

This is it.  This is what we’ve all been training for.  This is what we drove 10 hours on a bus for.  Tomorrow is the day where all of our hard work pays off.  Tomorrow is the day where when the gun goes off, it’s every man for himself.  Not only should we focus on getting PRs, but beating every person who’s ahead of us… Every. Single. Girl.

Atlantic 10 Championships.

As my second season of collegiate cross-country comes to an end, I think about how great this season has been.  Having been through two major injuries within the last year–including one of which happened over the summer–I have made a great comeback.  Sure, I wish I was maybe a little farther along, but hey, my turn out could’ve been way worse.

Yeah, it kind of sucks not being able to celebrate Halloween with my fellow Bonnie friends, but at least I’m accomplishing something.

My best friend transferred to George Mason (also in the A-10s conference) early in the summer, and I could kill her because things just aren’t the same.  I could go on forever about how strong our bond is, but I’ll save it for another time.

For the last half hour though, we thought we were staying at the same hotel.  Nope, same hotel just different area.

I don’t know about you, but racing against your best friend is weird to think about, but even more weird to see her in a different uniform.

Here goes nothin.’


Picture taken at A-10s last year in Pittsburg, PA. GO BONNIES!!